Mary Neville at Teradata Marketing Applications

by Jessica Ramesh Teradata Marketing Applications

Mary is among the speakers presenting at the Figaro Digital Retail Conference in London on 14 May 2015. 

Mary Neville is Marketing Operations Business Development Director at Teradata Marketing Applications. Ahead of our Digital Retail Conference, we caught up with her to hear about the opportunities and challenges facing retail marketers right now

In conjunction with new and emerging technologies, we’ve entered an era where consumers have defined how and why they engage with brands. This is a key challenge but also a unique opportunity for retailers to create personalised experiences for their customers. It starts with having a single view of all customer interactions with the ability to engage and send relevant messages across the channels where customers interact.

Taking full advantage of this goes beyond technology. Having a strategy to get the right balance between process and agility is an ongoing challenge. Be too process-heavy and a retailer lowers their ability to provide a proactive customer-centric message or offer. But a retailer still needs to ensure they have sufficient checks in place to provide the customer with optimal offers and channel consistency. It’s also essential to optimise the use of collateral, and to track, measure and improve performance over time. Retailers can tackle this head on with a data-driven marketing strategy that integrates marketing operations, omni-channel marketing and analytics.