Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix: Spotlight on EMEA Report

by Jessica Ramesh Brightcove Melbourne Server Hosting Millennial Media

New data from Millennial Media’s advertising platform has revealed the latest mobile device manufacturer, operating system and connected device mobile advertising trends for the EMEA region

Currently, a quarter of the population in EMEA owns a smartphone. This is expected to climb through 2017, with the number of smartphone users growing at an average of 19 per cent per year to 37 per cent of the population. Within the region, Western Europe sees higher smartphone penetration rates, followed by Central and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. According to data from eMarketer, mobile ad spend in the region is projected to increase an average of 543 per cent each year (chart B).

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On our platform, we saw impressions from more than 100 countries in the EMEA region. The top 10 countries from which we saw impressions in EMEA on our platform are shown in chart G (see below). Four countries outside of Western Europe made the top 10, including Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and South Africa.

Samsung and Apple are the most popular manufacturers on our global platform, and the same holds true in EMEA. Music and entertainment, shopping and retail and business and finance form the top three application categories in EMEA on our platform, seeing some of the largest impressions in the region, and some of the highest clicks from consumers.

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Impressions from Android devices accounted for 64 per cent of platform impressions in EMEA, which has increased 13 percentage points in the last year, and is 10 percentage points above the global average. iOS devices comprised 31 per cent of impressions from our platform in EMEA, down nine percentage points in the past year.

The mix of devices from which we saw impressions on our platform in EMEA is similar to that of our global platform. Seventy-three per cent of impressions in the region came from smartphone devices, whilst impressions from non-phone connected devices – including tablets – in the EMEA region have stayed relatively steady accounting for an average of 26 per cent of impressions.

For advertisers, the lessons from the report are clear. EMEA is a large and diverse region of the world, and localisation of mobile campaigns is important to get consumers to engage with campaigns. The mantra ‘think globally and act locally’ is relevant when advertising in these markets.
Report highlights

• Within the region, Europe has the highest mobile phone (81%) and smartphone (42%) penetration

• The highest rate of growth in smartphone adoption (average of 21% a year) will come from the Middle East and Africa

• Six of the top 10 countries from which we see impressions in this region are in Western Europe, where smartphone penetration is the highest, accounting for 52% of total impressions for the region

• Android impressions have grown 13 percentage points in the last year, with Germany, Spain, and Russia seeing the largest percentage of Android impressions, whilst the UK, Saudi Arabia, and the Netherlands all see above average impressions from iOS devices

• Mobile ad spend in the region is expected to grow at much faster rates, according to data from eMarketer, and is projected to increase an average of 543% each year

As ever this is based on actual brand data covering thousands of campaigns that reached over 650 million people globally through some 60,000 apps, and combined with additional market data from eMarketer. The full report is attached with this email, and I can send you standalone images of any of the charts from within it if that’s of interest.

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Download the full report here.


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