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Agency: London Graphic Systems Ltd

ES brings beautiful books

An early adopter of ES has found the software’s productivity, collaboration features and flexibility in configuration to be of huge benefit in handling large volumes of fine art book production.


Formed in 1988, when it began to apply its repro skills to a wide variety of fine art books and magazines, DL Imaging decided in 1992 to focus specifically on digital repro. Today, the company provides company provides colour management and retouching skills to a prestifious roster of museum and gallery clients in the UK and beyond.

DALIM SOFTWARE has been a critical component of DL’s technology arsenal, particularly the MISTRAL automation and project management system. However in 2014, the company became one of the first UK users of ES, installing it in the spring of 2014.

Chris Ennis, IT manager at DL Imaging recalls: “We didn’t down tools while transferring production from MISTRAL to ES, it had to work!”

Ennis worked closely with LGS to develop a set of custom user actions within ES to speed frequent tasks, such as merging groups of pages into single PDF files, with control over PDF paramaters such as PDF version and image compression, and output to various digital formats, including DVL for iPads, HTML5 and ePub.

A text black option supports co-edition in which text that is to be translated or otherwise edited between editions is moved to a fifth colour channel, enabling independent review and correction of each edition. These user actions are available to clients as well as to staff at DL Imaging. Ennis has also started to add automated support for the text overlays into the ES worklow, merging them with the underlying artwork files. This requires the use of DL Imaging’s existing standalone implementation of TWIST, but Ennis found that building the merge queues in ES and linking to TWIST was straightforward.

Ennis sums up the company’s approach with pragmatic understatement: “We produce big fine art titles that may be several months in production, sometimes with pages re-run 20 times or more due to colour adjustments, so project managing these titles manually would be a task-and-a-half. ES plays a big part in making it much easier.”


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