Isabella Oliver

Agency: Blue Group

BlueVenn solutions deliver greater marketing insight to award-winning maternity brand

Isabella Oliver is an award-winning British fashion company specializing in chic, modern maternity wear. Founded in 2003, Isabella Oliver clothing “radiates passion, style and confident sophistication”.

The luxury fashion house has received an impressive amount of recognition in the industry, including Drapers e-tailer of the Year award, Junior Magazine’s Maternity Brand of the Year, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and has been named as one of Britain’s Top 25 Best-Loved Digital Brands.

Core to its success is a deep understanding of how to design clothes that flatter the curves of a woman’s body, pregnant or not, and explains why Isabella Oliver has been the brand of choice for celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry and many more.

The Requirements

With niche products and a specific audience, Isabella Oliver needed to be able to quickly understand any changes in the market and rapidly respond to emerging fashions. Taking control of its customer data was a main priority for Isabella Oliver’s Head of Systems and Analysis, Steve Gingell.

“We have a very narrow window of opportunity to market to our customers – weeks 14 to 24 of pregnancy, so we need to be responsive!” – Steve Gingell, Head of Systems and Analysis

How did BlueVenn help?

With data refreshes taking place no more frequently than every fortnight and the selection of marketing campaigns handled by a third party, Isabella Oliver turned to BlueVenn to empower its marketers, with a combination of blueCAMPAIGNER and blueANALYZER to bring actionable customer insight and campaign management in-house.

Having gained extensive knowledge of BlueVenn products at a very technical level in a previous role, Steve’s desire to return to BlueVenn solutions was a logical decision, and a clear choice to address Isabella Oliver’s business challenges.

“Blue Group products provide us with the tools to easily setup daily refreshes, with easy access to customer insight and easy performance of campaign selections,” says Steve.

Why not an agency?

“Historically, we have been heavily reliant upon third party agencies to provide us with analytical resources to focus on particular trends spotted in trade, and to answer any questions about our customers.

“The drawback of relying upon third parties is that they do not necessarily have the depth of knowledge of your particular business and have multiple clients to cater for, so it is inevitable that delays will arise.”

However, while Steve is an exceptionally competent user of BlueVenn solutions, part of the attraction was a level of user-friendliness that made it accessible for the whole marketing team:

“The ability for non-technical people to easily and quickly access business data to draw actionable insight is invaluable and blueANALYZER provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface to do just that. The platform also provides the means for those who are more technically-minded to write formulae specific to their needs – providing real flexibility.”

Once implemented, Steve sees the solution having a dramatic effect on the marketing department and has big plans for its use:

“With in-house modeling capabilities and an understanding of our customers, the aim is increase sales through fewer catalogs, as we are able to target the right customers with the right offers at the right time. This will now be possible with blueANALYZER and CAMPAIGNER.

“We are also focused on improving the performance of our email campaigns through customer segmentation, driven by insight gained through blueANALYZER.

“And finally, as with all businesses, acquisition of valued, loyal new customers is crucial to success. With more detailed reporting on product performance, we can personalize communications so we are only contacting customers with relevant products; engaging the customer in a way that is not aggressive, intrusive or scary to drive interest and sales.”


With the help of BlueVenn, Isabella Oliver now has the intelligence and capabilities to drive its marketing forwards and take the business on a path towards improved profits and growth.

“Having worked with Blue Group over many years, it has been a pleasure working with talented, helpful people, who know the product inside and out; allowing us to get the most from our data to maximize our returns from the insight gained through the software,” says Steve.