Naked Wines

Agency: Adestra Ltd.

Life’s too short to drink a wine that’s not for you –’ highly personalized emails is an online wine retailer that works on a subscription basis and operates in the UK, US and Australian markets.’ customers (called Angels) fund independent winemakers from around the world, in return for exclusive access to delicious wines at wholesale prices.


  • Enable the team to expand their high-touch, personalized approach into their email program
  • Drive customer loyalty via increased engagement and satisfaction
  • Sell wine more closely aligned with individual customer preferences
  • Drive an increase in Angel ratings by delivering improvement in their customer experience

The Challenge emphasize exceptional customer service to their members, who they refer to as “Angels”. Through the’s website, mobile app, emails and phone support, Angels come to expect highly personalized wine recommendations as a result of their purchases and subsequent ratings. But in order to provide this experience at scale in their email campaigns, the marketing team needed to orchestrate a highly complex use of data, systems integration and technology.

The Solution

As part of their regular strategic review, their Adestra Account Manager suggested the idea of adding personalized product recommendations to their emails. A proof of concept was delivered and the go ahead was given for the project. With support from Adestra, the Naked Wines’ development team generated an XML recommendations feed and the Adestra Professional Services team incorporated the relevant code to the email templates, set up the automated campaigns, quality assured and tested them.

The campaign delivers up to five unique wine recommendations with a percentage certainty based on data fed from their recommendation engine. The conditional email content, personalization, calls to action and recommendations are driven by a number of data variables including:

  • Account balance
  • Customer’s basket contents
  • Number of wine recommendations
  • Percentage certainty of recommendation
  • Subscriber first name
  • Number of wines rated
  • Variable call to action driven by customer profile
  • Wine recommendation(s) including: product image, product name with list price and Angel price, savings (calculated in email code), and dynamic URLs.

The Result

This campaign is remarkable due to’ adherence to brand integrity to produce a positive, personalized customer experience and attention to the email’s contribution to fundamental business metrics.

The email met or exceeded all key metrics from previous monthly wine promotions in its initial iteration.

Highlighted results

  • 40% conversion rate
  • 9% increase in gross profit per customer

Other results and the business impact of this campaign:

  • 2% increase in site conversion with customers who click through the email
  • 2% increase in total conversion to order

What’s next? plan to optimize this campaign through refining the recommendation engine as well as focusing on acquiring ratings from customers. This would improve both the confidence of recommendations and increase the scale at which this campaign can be deployed. Additionally, there will be a focus on developing new website content to support the approach, with other highly personalized campaigns using recommendations to follow. This will help increase the engagement of their emails and the loyalty of their customers who can thus benefit from a unique service. Last but not least, due to the success of the campaign, Naked Wines will roll out the campaign internationally.

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