SEKO Logistics

Agency: Red Hot Penny

Spanning Continents with Content and Campaigns

A Global Leader in Supply Chain Logistics.

SEKO Logistics has a 40-year history beginning in Chicago, 1976 and building both a network of 120 offices in 40 countries and a solid reputation throughout the world for their technical innovation and flexibility in delivering logistics services. They offer solutions throughout the whole global supply chain with specialisations covering transport, logistics, forwarding and their warehouse network, complemented by cutting edge IT solutions. In 2014 Red Hot Penny joined the SEKO logistics group of companies to provide a complete creative and digital solution for retailers.

32 per cent   increase in site visibility

179 per cent increase in goal conversion rate

193 per cent increase in goal completions


Step by Step Specialisation

SEKO Logistics’ global scale and depth of service offering was reflected in the size of the website and the ambition of the Search Engine Optimisation campaign. Working on all 40 countries’ web properties and targeting all services and industries would have resulted in a diluted impact so the strategy initially focused on SEKO’s two main countries and key offerings. This gave the team opportunity to thoroughly research the market and spot opportunities, analyse and predict trends, hand pick the most promising keywords based on the wealth of data gathered and identify the highest quality link targets. This fed directly into the on page optimisation with full technical changes implemented, updates to written content and internal linking, improved page design and restructuring of page categories and navigation. Further page improvements covered conversion rate optimisation, with new Calls to Action designed and implemented, with full event tracking tailored for each button. The tracking efforts were also increased to reflect SEKO’s end to end nature, with full visibility executed on user journeys throughout the site through set up of Universal Analytics and Tag Manager configuration.

Multi-Channel Campaign Cooperation

Red Hot Penny’s strengths as a full service digital agency also benefited SEKO as the SEO team worked closely with the Social Media team on their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Yelp campaigns. Co-operation on the content strategy ensured that relevant content was being produced and distributed to get followers engaging. The SEO team optimised each landing page linked through from social updates and profile information to offer a unified and attractive experience for visitors clicking through from social channels. This resulted in lower bounce rates and higher pages per session, particularly on blog posts which were in the majority viewed by new visitors to the SEKO site. Improvements to these metrics paired with page optimisation have brought rankings up and increased site visibility by 32%.

Content and Outreach

Red Hot Penny have also successfully pitched and developed a number of creative content pieces to appeal to the wide ranging audience SEKO are targeting. Specialist pieces such as the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) treaty guide and upcoming projects on world mapping and delivery networks have created a buzz in the Ocean Logistics sector and set SEKO apart from competitors as an authority figure with a solid reputation. As SEKO continues to embrace the trend for large creative content pieces which naturally earn high quality links, there is likely to be a significant increase in SEKO’s global presence.