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TMDR TotallyLegal: A Journey through the sophistication scale

Trinity Mirror Digital Recruitment website, TotallyLegal, covers all job titles, practice areas and experience levels within the legal sector resulting in a database comprising approximately 200,000 candidates. Communicator recently worked closely with the Totally Legal team to increase content relevancy and increase web traffic, ultimately driving applications to roles advertised on their website.


A re-engagement campaign was implemented to reconnect with candidates who had not opened an email from TotallyLegal in over a year. Of 200,000 candidates, around 90,000 were found to have not opened an email in the past 365 days. After further investigation, 50% of these email addresses were inactive or supressed, leaving a remainder of 45,000 candidates that were potentially receiving emails and not opening.

First of all, the team approached the issues with key segment targeting. TotallyLegal works by the general rule that there’s approximately a 2-3 month window to really engage with a candidate before they either find a job or their circumstances change.  Behavioural data is used to push more relevant content to that candidate within that time slot. This means they’re naturally eliminating candidate groups who are more passive in their job search. As part of the re-engagement campaign, TotallyLegal identified key candidate segments from their monthly content plan, and began sending these candidates content specifically tailored to them.

Salary Survey Campaign

A salary survey campaign was implemented as another method of re-engaging with candidates outside of the 2-3 month window. The data collected in this campaign is now used to send relevant content to these candidates to maintain the relationship and ensure TotallyLegal are front of mind when the candidate is next on the search for a new job.


TotallyLegal are currently two months in to the-engagement campaign, and have seen a really positive response across all key activities. Open and click-rates are above industry standard and they’ve gained useful insight from A/B testing to help re-engage candidates. This insight can also be implemented across all email marketing campaigns going forward.

The campaign helped TotallyLegal move to stage 4 of the Communicator Sophistication Scale by stepping outside of its comfort zone, measuring performance on mailing list engagement and making sure that they dedicate time to testing in order to generate a higher ROI.

As a result of these efforts, they’ve successfully re-engaged 1,000 candidates.

“In just one month, we’ve re-engaged with 1,000 candidates who had previously stopped interacting with our emails” said Kirsty O’Connell, Brand Manager at TotallyLegal.

For more information on our customer’s email success, visit the Communicator website.