For all the talk of digital channels dominating marketing, printed mail and order catalogues are still big business, reaching every demographic in a cost-effective way, though they may now lead to digital conversions.

Vermillion, and independent pre-media service provider that is responsible for generating 30,000 mail order pages a year for popular brands such as Freemans, Kaleidoscope, Grattan, Damart, Bella di Notte and LookAgain. In addition to the home shopping portfolio, Vermillion’s staff of 14 serves clients in the FMCG and point-of-sale markets.

The Leeds-based company is a long standing DALIM SOFTWARE customer, having used PRINT EMPO since the business was established in 2004, making it one of the first users.

Production director Chris Milner explains, “With this quantity of work, we’re extremely mindful that we need systems in place to handle the volume, both for ourselves and for current and potential new clients.”

Working with systems integrator LGS, Vermillion was able to combine its workflow and job tracking features of PRINTEMPO with the soft-proofing functionality of DIALOGUE Engine to provide efficient management of production. However, technology is never static and Milner and his colleagues were aware that new capabilities and refinements to existing ones were becoming available.

“All technology has a lifecycle, and although we are happy with the functionality we had achieved, we needed to look at updating the servers running the software,” explains Milner.

“As ES was a brand new system there was no clear migration solution, so with the considerable help of LGS, we set about trying to replicate the features we used in PRINTEMPO and DIALOGUE,” says Milner. “We had to be confident that this was possible before we started using ES on live jobs.”

The upgrades have helped Vermillion to feel more confident in taking on new and exciting projects. “As the business continues to grow, the packaging market is an area we are keen to break into, and with ES we already have a ready-made tool for this sector. We believe we have a product to take the business to the next level.”


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