West Ham United Football Club

Agency: Communicator

West Ham unlocks invaluable insight from their latest re-engagement campaign.

West Ham United Football Club were experiencing low engagement across their mailing lists, with a high level of non-opens on their email campaigns, showing that they were struggling to effectively reach their audience.

Enlisting Communicator to help, the brand met with the agency for a Strategic Session, during which Communicator’s Digital Strategist recommended this issue being a key focus of their email strategy, resulting in Communicator and WHUFC working together to create and develop a reengagement campaign for one of their mailing lists – their online shop.


West Ham and Communicator decided on some set objectives for the new
campaign. They planned to increase email opens from disengaged subscribers, thereby increasing engagement with their email campaigns.

They also hoped to drive click-throughs in order to gather more details on their mailing lists’ preferences, and increase conversions from the online shop from the segment of subscribers.

The overall target was to re-engage with 10-15% of long-term non-openers from the shop mailing list.

The Approach

Communicator recommended a pilot approach to test all aspects of the campaign strategy and delivery in order to develop a blue print for West Ham’s future re-engagement strategy and campaigns. A total number of 116,713 long term disengaged subscribers from West Ham’s shop mailing list were selected for this pilot.


From the subscribers used for the pilot, 11,557 interacted with the re-engagement campaign (10% of the shop mailing list), achieving a benchmark.

The campaigns ROI was based on 3.5% average conversion rate, with an average order of £55. The campaign highlighted some really valuable insight for West Ham to use when deciding on how to personalise their campaigns going forward.

They found that their subscribers want more than product and offer related emails. Moreover thy want personalisation, with emails showing an interest in subscribers and their preferences.

Emotive subject lines were proved the most effective, achieving the highest open rates, as well as emails sent on Saturday achieving the highest engagement levels.

50% of subscribers preferred emails on match scores.


Visit the website for more details on West Ham’s email success.