Brandwatch is a leading provider of social analytics and intelligence solutions. Our software is revolutionary in social media monitoring, as we gather information from over 70 million sources using proprietary technology, and present the results in a clean, fast interface.

We help organisations monitor and manage their brands, conduct research, predict trends in their marketplace and identify influencers, customers and advocates. Our data is used by brands for numerous purposes around the world.

With offices in the UK, USA and Germany, Brandwatch is an international organisation with a reputation for delivering great service to its 1000+ client base, and we are continually growing. With a determination to always stay at the top of our game, we are constantly taking customer feedback on board, looking for ways to improve our product and to help our customers receive the best results.

Using our own platform for research purposes, we regularly release free industry reports, case studies and social media analysis, which provide useful insights to a number of different sectors and use cases. Brandwatch is renowned for our innovative data visualisations, converting huge data sets into engaging and interactive displays.