Great British Chefs is the fastest growing food website in the UK and gets over 900,000 visits and over 2 million page impressions a month. With a social media following of 750,000, Great British Chefs is a pioneer in the area of social brand partnerships.

We work with 100+ chefs located all around Britain but who are from all over the world. Their styles of cooking are widely different – from simple pub food through to highly complex modern gastronomy.

Our vision:

To be the authority on great cooking and eating and to inspite our community of food lovers to explore, create and share. To provide premium brands with a range of digital platforms that allow them to engage with our food loving audience.



Ollie Lloyd

Great British Chefs

After a successful international career with Unilever, and launching his own marketing consultancy, Ollie co-founded Great British Chefs in 2009, the fastest growing food website in the UK which showcases over 100 of Britain’s greatest chefs, nearly 3,000 of their recipes, has over 1.3m social media followers and gets 1.1m visits a month. In 2015, he launched Great Italian Chefs, a new platform showcasing the finest of Italian food.


Recipe for Success

Ollie Lloyd, CEO, Great British Chefs Multimedia publishers Great British Chefs have enjoyed huge success with their recipe apps since…