Chris Averill

Founder & Managing Director

we are experience

Chris started his career as a product designer and 3D animator, moving quickly into interactive TV to launch the world's first commercial service, HomeChoice, in 1996. He then moved into the internet and launched a series of world firsts including BUPA Digital, Sky Sports and Pop Idols only to comeback into iPTV and launch BT Vision. Chris also set up the pioneering digital team for Arthur Andersen in the late 1990s, which is now Deloitte Digital. WAE was founded in 2003 as a pioneering service design consultancy and has been growing strongly ever since, launching in the US in 2012, with a focus on c-suite strategy consultancy supported by great insight and innovative design. Chris has presented to a wide range of audiences on digital in its broadest sense and has spent a great dealt of time working in the Middle East and US. A keen sailor who hitched around the world on luxury yachts for a year, Chris likes to be challenged and has a passion for creating a global best practise approach to customer experience and cutting through the hype that holds back great ideas.


we are experience

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