Red Hot Penny expands to USA and Ireland

Fri 17th Aug

Creative Ecommerce Agency Red Hot Penny has launched new offices in Chicago and Ireland securing the next step in global expansion for their clients.

The US and Ireland expansions are part of a strategic operation supporting the agency’s UK clients growth into America and their US clients cross-border goals for Europe and Ireland. This change is supported by Red Hot Penny’s partner, SEKO Logistics, and their 120 office locations.

The Chicago and Ireland offices will facilitate account management and sales, while the agency’s UK team will continue to execute work for clients. Chicago was chosen due to its central location, opening up opportunities for representatives on the East and West coast in the future. While Dublin was chosen due to its rich ecommerce heritage and booming economy.

Darren Bull, Managing Director of Red Hot Penny, said:

“Consumers expect excellence from their online shopping experiences from website through customer service and delivery. Likewise, retailers increasingly prefer solution providers that can offer an entire end-to-end solution that includes creativity, platform, consultancy and digital marketing. Throughout 2015, Red Hot Penny and SEKO Logistics demonstrated their ability to deliver similar solutions and established themselves as leading providers of global ecommerce solutions for brand owners, retailers and e-tailers alike. I see our expansion into the US and Ireland as the next logical steps to further improve our service offerings to brands, retailers and e-tailers alike.”

David Schulhof, Red Hot Penny’s Digital Marketing Director, said:

“Over the last year, many of our clients have been planning and executing (with our support) international growth in both platform capabilities and digital marketing strategies. We see this continuing in 2016 and we felt offering existing and new clients local support, especially in the US, will better help them be successful in these markets. I am delighted to see two new offices open and signals the first steps in the international expansion of Red Hot Penny as a true global ecommerce agency.”